If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport (Goodreads Author) (3.5 stars)

I received a free ARC copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

The writing of this book was like a whirlwind swirling faster and faster to the ending. I loved the characters and the journey on the way to the ending, but I didn’t love the ending.

That would not stop me from recommending this book. There are lots of books that shine until the ending for me. This one was well writing and very polished (obviously edited, but in a good way).

I didn’t like that there were only 9 chapters, but that is a personal preference and not a reflection on the book being bad for being laid out that way. I’m used to rediculously short chapters where not much happens from chapter heading to chapter heading. This book took a different approach and really couldn’t have been broken down anymore than it was. So when I say I didn’t like that, it is really just me saying it struck me as off because I’m used to a story being more chopped up. I suppose the author could have separated out the past and the present more, but it flowed nicely so it makes sense that it be exactly as it is.

That is the joy of reading lots of different books. You can be pulled from your comfort zone and analyze that although it isn’t the norm, it is perfect as it is.

I loved the dual life and the cheeky attitude of the main character. That may not work for some people, but I felt like I was in on the joke and it was enjoyable. The premise behind a man being able to kill by day and be a loving family man at night is disturbing. Because it is disturbing it added that extra bit of taboo of following the journey of how that could be possible.

I was out of my element. Don’t get me wrong I saw and loved True Lies with Swartzenagger and Jamie Lee Curtis. However, the knowledge of that movie didn’t prepare me for the absolute ease that Jack had for this dual life. It’s like being allowed in on how the other half (the criminal mind) could potentially live.

Jack was cold and calculating, but also funny and somewhat awkward. The scary part about that is it made his character feel more like he could be anyone. I get that we can’t look at someone and know what they have done, but I like to pretend my gut knows more than my eyes.

If we could look at anyone and see what they had done with their lives I venture to say we all may shutter when looking at everyone, including ourselves in the mirror.

Well done on being physiologically stimulating and disturbing. The only bad part was the ending where it was kind of a twist, but also somewhat cliche and felt rushed. I’m not sure why it didn’t feel like a fitting ending, but it just fell flat for me. I don’t want to spoil the ending in a review, but I want to caution that was my only major misgiving with this very well written story of how to be a monster in plain sight.


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