Truck Stop by John Penney (5 Stars)


Spectacular writing! I suspected the killer, but was so swept up in the excellent flow of writing that I didn’t guess the ending. It’s so clear now and I should have saw it coming but I thankfully didn’t. I love being surprised by not seeing what’s coming. Most writers leave too many hints as to what they are setting up. But this story did a fantastic bait and switch and I loved it.

The re-readability would be low for me on this unless I waited a year or two so I could recapture getting lost in the story. I enjoy the subject matter (supernatural and serial killer combined) so I can foresee I would re-read it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about intense, dramatic, fast paced, blood pumping adventure mixed with some macabre. There are some elements thrown in about characters that is unpleasant and misleading, but it also made them more 3 dimensional. I don’t want characters that are forgettable and don’t stir anything in me – even if it is disgust.

Very well done and although I wasn’t scared I was very emotionally invested in finding out where this story was going to take me. This was a fast read because the pacing was quick. I am not sorry I started the journey and if you are interested based on my review, take a chance and start your own journey down the winding path that is Truck Stop.

Truck Stop by Penney, John


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