The Island of Dr Moreau by H. G. Wells (4 stars)

This reads very much like an H.P. Lovecraft tale. Although that isn’t really fair because H. G. Wells wrote this way before H.P. Lovecraft. (1890’s vs 1930’s). So it appears Lovecraft had a muse for his style. Imagine that! If you already knew that bare with me, this is new ground for me. I was completely unprepared for what this story was about because I remember watching the black and white movie years ago, although the contents of the movie that I remember are COMPLETELY incorrect. I remembered people who had been shrunk. Now I wonder what movie that is that I thought this book was about because it seriously was not the right movie. I had to use my dictionary regularly in order to read this and somewhat that made me sad because more current books are mostly free of words I would have to look up. That can mean a lot of things, but I worry it means we are not as smart now as those who read books for fun in the past. It wasn’t unreadable to the point of I had to define many words on every page (I would really have to worry about my own intelligence if I did) but I did have to define words at least every couple of pages. I really enjoyed this story, but I also was on the edge of my seat hoping it didn’t turn into an all out beastiality nightmare. Don’t get me wrong it was pretty intense, but thankfully it didn’t degrade to that. This story seems just out of the realm of the possible and yet at the same time, ever so slightly, like it might be possible. That is what gave it a real edge for horror. My mind kept thinking “Oh my god, what in the hell would I do if I was in the place of the narrator?” I would have to take a break from reading to digest what was happening in the story. Read something else, come back, and still I would be aghast at the predicament unfolding before me. I am very pleased to say that although the ending was not altogether a happy one, it was not one that made me want to throw my phone in disbelief. It was well done from beginning to end and I heartily recommend it!


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