Confessions of a red neck zombie killing psycho by L.R. Currell (3 Stars)

Crazy Back in them Hills (holler) Action (don’t mean incest).

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The grammar was not good, but the story was absolutely worth the time I spent reading it. I would not have read past the errors if it was boring. Be prepared for this to not be perfectly polished.

That being said I enjoyed reading this twisted little tale which included rednecks reminiscent of characters straight out of House of 1000 corpses. By that I mean crazy, dirty, and ready to mess (I really mean and expletive and not “mess”) things up.

Three zombie killing machine travelers run out of some supplies and conveniently run into two brothers that are not quite right. This is plausible because if you are continually using ammo it’s going to run out at some point. And although we might not want to think about it there are hidden areas everywhere (seriously everywhere) with folks who own land and do what they please on it.

The story examines the psychological horror of being on the inside of a home where the owners are there physically, but their minds have left them.

The action scenes are bone crunching and bloody. Sometimes they are slightly unbelievable and hard to follow, but even then still enjoyable. At one point I thought – I don’t think that could happen, but I liked reading it anyway. That makes for a good story. If I can say to myself “no way, eh who cares let’s see what happens next…” that is a success.

The story has a very abrupt ending, but I suppose the purpose of that if to make you ready to look for book 2. After looking at what book 2 is I am pretty sure I want to check it out. Come on, a zombie horse? It could happen.


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