Love Rehab (3 stars)

Love Rehab had the same tone for me as reading Bridget Jones Diary. It was up close and personal and made no excuses for what it feels like to be a serial monogamist. Everyone is searching for that spark we hope to find that will magically transform us and have us feeling content, saying things like “this is it” and not feeling like a fraud for saying it. Even people who seemingly run from anything too serious want to be loved. The price of being desperate and assuming each one is the one is the pain of the moment when you get that gut wrenching realization that you did it again and this one can’t possibly be the one. Sometimes it’s something they say or something they do, or something they don’t or won’t say or don’t do. I believe a lot of us, myself included, set ourselves up for failure by saying “this is it” and then holding our breath waiting on the moment we know is coming that will make that statement not true. I don’t think it was better 50 years ago. I think people just stayed together because it is what was done. Even loveless horrible marriages kept on trucking because the participants did not know another way. I am not an advocate for giving up at the first sign of trouble, or an advocate for sticking in there even if it hurts. Love is a many splendored thing that as hard as it is to swallow is very different for everyone. Just like The Five Love Languages says we all hear and feel that we are loved in a different way. Until we can learn what that means, and find someone who either cares enough to speak the language we need, or is willing to learn, we will be stuck in situations that are close to what we need, but not quite. It’s all in figuring out what is more important to us, what is a deal breaker. Also, if anyone can learn anything about love it should be these two things: don’t be afraid, and don’t rush it.

This book is funny, heartwarming, and a very enjoyable read. I only gave it 3 stars because it felt kind of flat when the author tried to concoct the perfect man for the leading lady. I’m not a fan of overly mushy guys and although this was fiction and anything can happen, I was disappointed. I want love to be fairy tale like, but my rational brain screams that it isn’t. It’s messy and crazy, and hopefully at times fun. This was almost captured, but not quite. Joe felt like how we hope a man would be, but not how they are. That is why I would not read it again, but I would recommend it as a fun read. It is definitely for women, I cannot imagine a man reading this and enjoying it. Not all books can be written to appeal to both sexes.


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