At First Sight Review (3.5 Stars)

I gave this book 3.5 stars – I would recommend it, and I would probably read it again.

This book was harder to read and not
as fast paced as True Believer. That is not going to be a common issue for most people though because it is written beautifully. I had trouble because it strikes a chord with me personally right now, but often times reading a book that is painful personally helps you to grow and learn once you push through to the end.

I really enjoy every time I read Nicholas Sparks. His books have well developed characters, rich scenery, and he isn’t afraid to tackle tough emotional subjects. Life can sometimes feel overwhelming but it is very nice to read about others going through the same issues and seeing how they came through – even if they are fictional characters!

In At First Sight Jeremy and Lexie pick up where True Believer left off. You get to experience the growth of their relationship as they move towards marriage, home ownership, and parenthood. Small town life is depicted just like it really is – small, but full of life.

I often search for books like this which talk about living somewhere that you know your neighbors and you know what to expect on any given night of the week. Simple country life strikes a special cord in my heart because I was born a simple country girl. Nicholas has either a fantastic imagination, has visited a small town or two, or has lived in a small town, because he depicts it very well. It could be a blend of all of those options!

I would most definitely recommend both True Believer and At First Sight. I cried, but in the end the culmination of events and character growth is worth reading once, if not twice!


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