The Mistress’s Revenge Review

I gave this book 2 stars.

The depiction of what it is like to lose ones mind centered on a traumatic event was spot on. The main character was very present but the supporting characters were lacking. Especially Daniel, eventually his character gets some backbone and is written as I would expect an enraged spouse would act, but it seems much too delayed to me. Throughout the book I wanted to yell at him for not being more present or involved in the disaster that was fast becoming his life. To his credit he was supposed to be able to trust his wife, but I was disappointed in his character. This book was not terrible by any means but if I was not reading it for a book club I probably would have stretched it out much longer. It gets intense and frustrating very often because I hope most women have more self worth than Sally appeared to have.

Younger doesn’t mean more valuable, it’s all in how you value yourself. When we allow others to value us lower than we should be valued we are the enabler and not the victim. That being said love can drag us to lows we never expected to see ourselves at, this book very vividly depicts that very fact.

This review copied from my original.


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