My 5 Star Rating Scale

1 Star: Didn’t like it, would not recommend it. Did not/could not finish and would never re-read.
2 Stars: It was okay, would recommend – but sparingly. Finished, but would not re-read.
3 Stars: Liked it, would recommend it, re-read unlikely, but possible.
4 Stars: Really liked it, would recommend, would read again.
5 Stars: It was amazing, would recommend with enthusiasm and will definitely re-read.

I am not a huge fan of re-reading especially because I like suspenseful books and the suspense is somewhat tarnished once you have already read a book. However, even though I feel that way I think the contemplation of if I would recommend or re-read lends that little extra info to a review that might help someone decide to read the book or skip it.


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