At First Sight Reflection – Review to follow

I’m reading At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks and I was struck by the following:

Does trust have to be earned? Or is it simply a matter of faith?

Good question, I believe I know if I trust someone on a earned basis. By default, because the world isn’t so honest anymore, I distrust first (aka shoot first) and trust after it is earned (ask questions later…)

Knowing that people could trust first in the past makes me sad. As a whole we the American people have taken a decline for the worse and all we can do is muddle through, hope for the best, and do the best we can to be good people. Others learn by example.

My mistrust is because we live in the age of convenience. We no longer have to toil and struggle quite the same as people used to have to do and it has made us lazy and jaded.

I am young, relatively, but I can imagine the days of not locking your front door, knowing (and maybe even liking) all of your neighbors, block parties, sewing circles, etc. People may have been poor in the purse but my heart tells me they were rich with life.

My grandma had four children and made do with what they had. She loved books, shoes, and movies. I remember her saying that in order to go out to the movies she had to not eat dinner, but they would have popcorn instead. From the way she told the story it sounded like she was so happy to be free, out, and with my grandfather that she would have given up a week of dinners. I can still hear the delight in her voice as if skipping dinner was a delightful rebellion on being proper.

I come from that and although I’m not always willing to sacrifice my things I like I know if someone who needed it more than me asked for something I would give it to them. Not everytime, but more often than not. I’m still too selfish to give of myself everytime for people I don’t know and love, but I will go above and beyond and then some for someone I do love.

I think before we were all so connected and were so “informed” about all the evils of the world we were more blissfully happy to asume bad things only happen sometimes. That is absolutely silly, but it’s a nice thought and makes the day go by more pleasantly.

Which makes a nice closer, the world was like pleasantville – everything is pefect, calm and controlled at first glance, (or at first sight – haha!) but underneath dripping with longing and desire to break free. Well we are free now, more so than ever, and now I’m one who wishes we were just a little less free.

IMDb Quotes: Pleasantville (1998)

Jennifer: This place gives me the creeps! Did you know that the books are blank?
David: What?
Jennifer: Yeah, I was in the library and I looked, and they have covers and there’s nothing inside of them.
David: What were you doing in a library?
Jennifer: I got lost.


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