Frankenstein Review (3 Stars)

I gave this book 3 stars.

Warning, there will be spoilers!

I recently tackled reading Frankenstein with a few friends from my social group. I must have purchased and downloaded this book 10 times by now each time expecting to be the time I would actually read it! But it took me years and the enthusiasm of a group read to finally make it past the first few pages.

The book is actually very good right up until Frankenstien (the undead/creation) meets Frankenstein (the creator). I was so disappointed in the eloquence of the creature’s speech and the unbelievable exchange they have that I was almost put off of the book.

I persevered though in the spirit of book club and was pacified by the explanation of how he learned to speak.

We all have felt the pain of alienation, but must of us not as completely an ugly undead. When most people hear the term undead they may think of Vampyres or Vampires who are supposed to be beautiful as a tool in the hunt. This is the exact opposite for Frankenstein.

I think this could have been fine tuned a little more, but for a classic tale that has stood the test of time and is still constantly in circulation – it isn’t all bad. The language isn’t too hard to understand and the gothic Poe/Lovecratian feel to the angst in the book is written very well.

Also, take into account this is a first novel – I should be so lucky to have people reading and dissecting my writing hundreds of years after I write it!

What will the classics of tomorrow be?


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