Blog Post One…

Blog Post One. Star date 1651 dash 35 eleven. Although that is funny I am not serious. Or am I?

I am setting out on a great adventure to read more, and write about it which will ultimately keep my writing muscles (aka my brain) in tip top shape for the real challenge of writing a book.

Just one? Oh no, I sincerely hope I am successful enough to write many. Some that might even get published! I’ve heard you have to write a million words to hone your craft as a writer. I’ve probably come close, but not writing words that come from the sheer purpose of entertaining, but rather words written for a grade or for my work.

I hope others will join me in my journey, and others still to read my journey if it interests them. I promise not to update on what I am eating or where I am going as I realize we all only have so much time to dedicate to reading others updates let alone sifting through the mindless minutae of the day.

Welcome, we shall soon be friends!
Katie Bug of the North Denver Non Zombies


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